Readers Sovereign ‘A’ Cricket Ball

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The Readers Sovereign ‘A’ cricket ball is the number one ‘Grade A’ cricket ball in the UK. Made from English leather, this top-quality Readers cricket ball is used in the majority of Premier League cricket countrywide.

For the Sovereign cricket ball, Readers used a ‘First Class 3 layer centre’, which provides better shape retention and more consistent performance on the cricket pitch. Couple this with the premium selection of hand-stitched alum-tanned leather, and the result is a ball you can put your faith in to deliver every time, whether you’re a batter or a bowler. The men’s ball weighs 156g, which is slightly less than the average ball, but could make all the difference in your game.

This ball is primarily used for match-day use. However, if you wish to use a similar cricket training ball to work on your game away from the pitch, the Readers Windball is an all-purpose soft ball that can be used for cricket coaching, park or garden training and general use. Readers have been crafting cricket balls for over 200 years, and all that experience manifests into one of the highest-quality balls money can buy.

At 3D Sports, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service team who dedicate themselves to giving you any information on all our Readers cricket balls and cricket training balls. So, if you have any queries or wish to enquire about the availability of our Readers cricket balls, please contact us via our phone number at 0845 676 0099.

  • The number one ‘Grade A’ ball in UK Cricket.
  • This top quality English leather ball is used in the majority of premier league cricket countrywide.
  • Manufactured using the ‘First Class 3 layer centre’, providing better shape retention and more consistent performance.
  • English alum tanned premium selection leather.
  • Hand stitched.
  • 156g (Mens)

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