At 3D Sports, we supply the tools to help you develop your cricket game for an affordable price. Our lineup of cricket bowling machines is an embodiment of this, delivering world-class machinery that can test those at even the highest level of the game. Just imagine what it could do for your growth as a cricketer.

Cricket is all about putting in the ten thousand hours to become the best, and with the BOLA bowling machine, you can get there with an automatic feeder that reliably shoots a large number of practice balls with accurate timings. Its advanced controls are managed by a high-resolution display, allowing you to adjust a myriad of settings to tailor the difficulty and swing style to you.

To compliment your new BOLA, our range also includes cricket bowling machine balls which come in packs of 12 for £6 and are dimpled like a golf ball for a stable flight out of the bowling machine. These multipacks come in different colours corresponding to different uses, depending on whether you desire visibility or a more realistic hit to standard game balls.

Finally, the BOLA bowling machine automatic feeder attachment is available at 3D Sports and can feed a ball into the shooter in as little as every seven seconds. Fitted with a bracket atop the machine, it can be attached in less than two minutes so that you can get straight to business.

At 3D Sports, our staff are very familiar with our cricket bowling machines from BOLA. If you have any questions about this piece of equipment, please feel free to contact us via our email address or phone number to make sure you have the correct and necessary information you need.

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