What are you looking for in a cricket mat? Are you after a thick PVC-backed mat with shock pads designed for concrete floors, or foam-backed mats for low-bouncing sports hall floors? Or maybe you’re looking for the 2G Flicx cricket pitch, which provides realistic pacing and bounce on any surface, be it grass, concrete, indoors, or even sand. Find it all at 3D Sports, the UK’s highest-rated online cricket accessories shop.

Our range of cricket mats online is fit for any purpose you may have, from the Practice Play Junior Cricket Matting which can be stuck down onto concrete bases to help your little one in any aspect of the game outdoors. If you’re a more advanced player but still in need of something for concrete, the Powerpitch Roll Down Cricket Matting will do just the trick and is able to take ball spin to appease the bowlers out there.

Every type of matting and flicx cricket pitch we stock comes in a variety of different sizes, from a 1-metre block for the batsman end, to a fully-extended 22-metre pitch. For indoor users, the Masterpitch or Durapitch Roll Down cricket mats are suited to both inside and outside use, and come with a thick PVC backing or thin waffle backing respectively, depending on how much bounce you wish to have. If you are searching for cricket mats online then 3D Sports is the store for you.

3D Sports is a company built on the love of the game of cricket, and our customer service team are both knowledgeable and happy to help you with any questions about the 3D Sports cricket accessories shop. Feel free to ask them to make sure you have the necessary information you need to be on your way to playing this great game. Feel free to reach out to them via our email address, or by ringing 0845 676 0099.

  • 14 Items

  • Interplay Shock Pad

  • Powerpitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Ultrapitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Practice Play Junior Cricket Matting

  • Durapitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Masterpitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Practice Play Junior PVC Cricket Matting

  • Woven Wicket Cricket Matting

  • 2G Flicx Match Pitch

  • 2G Flicx Multi Age Match Pitch

  • 2G Flicx Safety Trolley

  • 2G Flicx Eagle-Eye Match Pitch

  • Coconut Wicket Protection Matting

  • Germination Sheet


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