3D Sports Club and Ground offer a range of cricket matting for both indoor & outdoor cricket use. With a cricket mat for every floor, we offer thick PVC backed mats and shock pads for concrete bases, foam backed mats for low-bouncing sports hall floors, and the 2G Flicx Pitch for any surface – indoor, outdoor, concrete or grass.

Our cricket mat widths vary from 2m upto 2.74m and come in 4mm, 6mm or 12mm pile heights, while our coconut wicket protection matting is an old fashioned cricket mat designed for concrete or as protection for a pitch on your square.

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  • 12 Items

  • Interplay Shock Pad

  • Powerpitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Ultrapitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Practice Play Junior Cricket Matting

  • Durapitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Masterpitch Roll Down Cricket Matting

  • Practice Play Junior PVC Cricket Matting

  • Woven Wicket Cricket Matting

  • 2G Flicx Match Pitch

  • 2G Flicx Eagle-Eye Match Pitch

  • Coconut Wicket Protection Matting

  • Germination Sheet


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