A robust cricket net is a great way to practice the game of cricket without having to spend all your time retrieving the ball from many yards away, and 3D Sports is the UK’s number one place when it comes to cricket nets for sale.

First and foremost, our selection of cricket netting consists of replacement nets for batting cages. If you’ve found a pretty unmanageable tear in your batting cage net, these are made specifically to fit any size from our range of batting cages, and we hold these in stock to guarantee a quick dispatch for you to get you back to batting. For advanced cricketers or clubs who may be practising away from home, we stock robust portable net and pole kits that act as a great temporary net system. They are set in a similar way to a tent, so are pretty intuitive to a team of sportsmen and sportswomen.

For parents who want to get their child into the sport without much hassle, we also offer a range of cricket nets for the garden. These cricket catching nets are perfect for hanging up to catch any big hits your kid may achieve while practising, and come in a range of sizes anywhere from 9ft to 12ft.

Our staff are all very familiar with the sport and if you have any questions about these pieces of netting, don’t hesitate to ask them to make sure you have the correct and necessary information you need. Feel free to reach out to them via our email address, or by ringing 0845 676 0099.

  • 14 Items

  • 3D Mobile Cage – Replacement Net

  • 3D Extended Cage – Replacement Net

  • 3D Wheelaway Cage – Replacement Net

  • 3D Extended Wheelaway Cage – Replacement Net

  • Standard Net and Pole Kit

  • Deluxe Net and Pole Kit

  • Super Net and Pole Kit

  • Throw Down Net – 12yds

  • Throw Down Net – 20yds

  • Replacement Cricket Netting – 9ft

  • Replacement Cricket Netting – 10ft

  • Replacement Cricket Netting – 12ft

  • Made to Measure Netting – 16z

  • Replacement Roof Netting


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