3D Sports offers a compact range of Kookaburra cricket abdo guards, also referred to as a cricket box.

We have different cricket boxes or abdo guards including models without and with ventilation, some with a shaped protector, ultra-lightweight, moulded ABS shell with padded edge and an ergonomic shape. We also have protection options for both males and females.

Hits to the groin are not only very painful but can also cause lasting damage so protection is essential.

For more information, just email us or call on 08456760099 to speak to our experienced cricket team who would be happy to discuss our range with you in more detail.

  • 6 Items

  • 2022 Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guard

  • 2022 Kookaburra 1000 Abdo Guard

  • 2022 Kookaburra 500 Abdo Guard

  • 2022 Kookaburra Female 500 Abdo Guard

  • Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guard

  • Kookaburra 1000 Abdo Guard


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