At 3D Sports, we stock an extensive range of cricket training balls from world-class names including Readers and Kookaburra, within no minimum order restrictions.

Our range includes the innovative Readers Net Practice Cricket Balls, Kookaburra Super Coach range, Readers Wind Balls, BOLA Bowling Machine Cricket Balls, Kookaburra Bowling Machine Cricket Balls and tennis ball style cricket balls.

Our range has training cricket balls that are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and that are ideal for any number of cricket practice drills.

For more information, just email us or call on 08456760099 to speak to our experienced cricket team who would be happy to discuss our range with you in more detail.

  • 26 Items

  • Readers Special School Cricket Ball

  • Kookaburra Indoor Club Yellow Cricket Ball

  • Kookaburra County League Cricket Ball

  • Readers County Crown Cricket Ball

  • Kookaburra Swinger Cricket Ball

  • Readers Allplay Ball – Red

  • Readers Allplay Box of 6 Multicoloured Balls

  • Readers Allplay Swinger Ball – Red/White

  • Readers Allround ball

  • Readers Indoor Ball

  • Readers Indoor Yellow Cricket Ball

  • Readers Reacta Ball

  • Readers Supaball

  • Readers Team Ball

  • Readers Windball

  • Readers Windball Seconds – Box of 24


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