At 3D Sports, we are proud to stock Flicx cricket pitches in our online store. The UK company is the market leader in artificial cricket mats online, which are a great way to convert existing fields into cricket pitches at affordable prices. These tiled plastic mats provide consistent bounce allowing batters to play shots with confidence.

Flicx cricket mats are incredibly versatile, as they are able to be used on astroturf, concrete, grass, indoors or even sand. Once the pitch is rolled out easily, anywhere can be a cricket pitch. And with its advanced material technology, it has become even easier to roll up and store standing upright.

The 3D Cricket accessories shop is stocked with the standard match pitch set in a range of sizes from 10 metres to 22 metres, which offer a bounce and pace that is realistic to a real cricket pitch, so it doesn’t alter your game. The sizes of the flicx cricket pitches are suited to different playstyles, such as if you just want the batsman end, or desire a junior-sized 12-metre pitch. In addition to this, we stock the Flicx Eagle-Eye match pitch, which colour-codes the different sectors of the strip to make it much easier for coaches to direct and teach their players.

The 3D Sport’s team of staff is made up entirely of experts in the world of cricket, and are happy to help you with any questions about the 3D Sports cricket accessories shop. Feel free to ask them to make sure you have the necessary information you need to be on your way to playing this great game. Feel free to reach out to them via our email address, or by ringing 0845 676 0099.

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  • 2G Flicx Match Pitch

  • 2G Flicx Multi Age Match Pitch

  • 2G Flicx Safety Trolley

  • 2G Flicx Eagle-Eye Match Pitch


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