Protect your pitch with a durable cricket cover from 3D Sports. Our cricket covers are designed to withstand and defend your pitch against extreme weather conditions from rain to heat. Your pitch turf will stay of the highest quality, ready for the all-important club matches and team practice.

Maintaining the pristine condition of your cricket ground while you’re away is vital to keeping it playable for seasons to come and avoiding unnecessary delays and match cancellations. 3D Sports’ line of cricket covers is a safeguard against the wet, ensuring you play the game on the best surface possible. If you’re running a county cricket club, our range covers all the bases and can even be used for games at International Test Match level.

Our dome-shaped mobile cricket covers are made from galvanised steel, puncture-proof tyres and heavy-duty 610gsm cover tops to lock your precious pitch away from animals and the elements. Meanwhile, our flat sheet and run-up sheet cricket covers both provide a waterproof PVC barrier that still lets in light. Finally, our black closed-mesh germination sheets double up as a sight screen sheet for a handy solution to two problems.

Explore our cricket shop online today, where we’ve got all the equipment you need to exceed at the game – from cricket bats and balls to cricket clothes and accessories. We’re confident that you’ll find the right item for you within our range of cricket covers. If you have any questions or queries, contact us via our email address or phone number to make sure you have the correct and necessary information you need.

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  • 3D Test Standard Mobile Cricket Covers – 8m

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  • 3D Test Standard Mobile Cricket Cover Replacement Top

  • 3D Club Cricket Flat Sheet

  • 3D County Cricket Flat Sheet

  • 3D Test Cricket Flat Sheet

  • 3D Club Cricket Run-Up Sheets

  • Coconut Wicket Protection Matting

  • Germination Sheet


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