Cricket scoreboards are the best way to keep track of a game’s ongoings, and let players and fans how long is left in the over. 3D Sports is known up and down the country for providing professional-grade cricket equipment at an affordable price, and we have everything from small stands to sturdy scoreboxes, as well as replacement scoreboard letters and numbers in case of an accident.

For the cricket club that desires a large, hard-wearing cricket scoreboard or score box to accommodate the eyesight of many fans, our selection of cricket scoreboxes comes in free-standing models or fascia models designed to attach to a brick building. These have room for the score operator to sit and watch the game and can change runs, wickets and targets for each team, all without leaving their seat.

For those who need something more modest, the Kookaburra portable scoreboard with scoreboard letters is simple and hand-operated while still being able to show the necessary information such as a team’s runs, wickets, target and overs. Furthermore, Kookaburra Sport offers a free carrying case included in the package, which is designed for easy storage and preservation and is a breeze to carry on and off the cricket pitch.

The 3D Sports team has collected decades of expertise in the world of cricket and we know the ins and outs when it comes to scoreboards and replacement numbers. We are more than happy to help you with any questions about our cricket scoreboards and replacement numbers section. Don’t hesitate to ask us to make sure you have the necessary information you need to be on your way to playing this great game. Feel free to contact us via our email address or phone number.

  • 21 Items

  • Kookaburra Portable Scoreboard – large

  • 3D Handy Scoreboard

  • Portascore Scoreboard

  • Club Standard Scoreboard

  • Club Scorebox

  • Club Scorebox Fascia

  • County Scorebox

  • County Scorebox Fascia

  • Large Mechanical Number Unit – 0-9

  • Large Mechanical Number Unit – 1-12

  • Popular Mechanical Number Unit – 0-9

  • Popular Mechanical Number Unit – 1-12

  • Popular Mechanical Numbers – Replacement Set

  • Popular Mechanical Numbers Half Plates

  • Popular Telegraph Numbers 0-9

  • Popular Telegraph Numbers 1-12


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