2023 Kookaburra Rapid 4.1 Cricket Pads

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Leg and batting pads are an essential piece of every cricketer’s kit. By stapping a pair of quality 2023 Kookaburra Rapid 4.1 Cricket Pads to the outside of your cricket trousers, you are protecting each of the legs from the knee to the lower boot part including the lower thigh from any ball or bat impact.

Made out of traditional Reinforced Cane & Foam Construction with HDF Side Wing, these adult and youth cricket pads from Kookaburra provides excellent protection and maximum comfort. These impact protection pads feature ergonomically shaped calf straps that radically improve fastening and the three-piece knee roll with vertical bolsters provides enhanced shape retention for a longer lifespan.

Kookaburra Sport is infamous for its leading protective pad range, which is expertly represented by the 2023 Kookaburra Rapid 4.1 Cricket Pads. No matter your shape, size or level of play, a pair of adult, youth or junior cricket pads fromKookaburra is sure to offer comfort and peace of mind.

The Grade 4 quality impact protection that the Rapid 4.1 Cricket Pads offer works towards not only protecting cricketers but providing them with the confidence and drive to perform exceptionally on the field. Using Premium ‘Lycra & Cotton’ Vertical Bolsters for increased comfort, Kookaburra has put the cricketer first in this latest range. The duo-flex ‘Pro-Tec +’ Knee Roll coupled with a Tri-Flex Integral Shin Bolster will absorb even the most deadly of fastballs. As a whole, these adult, junior and youth cricket pads protect a full 180 degrees of a batter’s shins and knees and look just as professional.


  • Grade 4 quality

Impact Protection – External

  • Traditional Reinforced Cane & Foam Construction with HDF Side Wing
  • Three Piece Knee Roll with Vertical Bolsters provides enhanced shape retention

Impact Protection – Internal

  • Integral HDF Thigh Protection – PVC faced
  • Duo-Flex ‘Pro-Tec +’ Knee Roll – Mesh & Cotton faced
  • Tri-Flex Integral Shin Bolster – Lycra & Cotton faced

Additional Features

  • Traditional 7 Cane Width
  • Premium ‘Lycra & Cotton’ Vertical Bolsters for increased comfort
  • Ergonomically Shaped Calf Straps to make fastening easier
  • Premium PVC Instep with PVC Piping


  • Premium ‘Grain’ PVC


  • 50mm Calf & Ankle with 25mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Thigh with 25mm Hook & Loop


  • J, Y & A


  • Rapid 4.1 (3C23264)
  • Additional information


    Left Handed, Right Handed


    Adult, Youths, Junior

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