2024 Kookaburra Ghost 3.1 Cricket Pads

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The brand-new Kookaburra Ghost 4.1 cricket pads are the ideal piece of equipment for club cricketers and junior cricketers alike who wish to step onto the cricket pitch in confidence and comfort. Made by one of the world’s most valiant cricket equipment manufacturers, Kookaburra, it only makes sense to buy from 3D Sports, the UK’s number one online cricket supplier.

Taking its name from the sheet-white minimalist design that represents a pure, no-frills approach to the game, the Ghost 4.1 cricket pads offer protection against incoming cricket bowls in more areas than one. Its combination of integrated HDF thigh protection and duo-flex knee roll make sure to keep the knee and thigh out of harm’s way (when used alongside thigh pads). For the shin area, these cricket pads don the standard 7-cane width with a special HDF side wing. Couple this with its ultra-reinforced cane and foam build, and you’ve got enough armour to withstand even the most brutal of bowls.

Plus, as a set of junior cricket pads, the Ghost 4.1s are perfect for younger batters who wish to dive into the rich game of cricket and be protected. Why not get them the safest and most action-ready youth cricket pads on the market from 3D Sports?

Cricket is the national sport in Australia, and this is where Kookaburra Sport originates from. The Australian cricket brand is one of the world’s leading cricket equipment manufacturers and designs cricket pads, balls and bats for all leagues of the game. They are so trusted that even cricketers at the pinnacle of the sport have endorsed the iconic kingfisher logo. The Ghost design alone is worn by Nathan Lyon, Josh Hazlewood, Lydia Greenway and Anich Nortje, and if they have won multiple titles and championships wearing these cricket pads, there’s no telling the improvement you’ll receive from them.


  • Grade 3 quality

Impact Protection – External

  • Traditional Reinforced Cane & Foam Construction with HDF Side Wing
  • Three Piece Knee Roll with Vertical Bolsters provides enhanced shape retention

Impact Protection – Internal

  • Integral HDF Thigh Protection – PVC faced
  • Duo-Flex ‘Pro-Tec +’ Knee Roll – Mesh & Rice Knit faced
  • Tri-Flex Integral Shin Bolster – Lycra & Rice Knit faced

Additional Features

  • Traditional 7 Cane Width
  • Premium ‘Lycra & Rice Knit’ Vertical Bolsters for increased comfort
  • Ergonomically Shaped Calf Straps to make fastening easier
  • Premium PVC Instep with PVC Piping


  • Premium ‘Grain’ PVC


  • 50mm Calf & Ankle with 25mm Hook & Loop, 25mm Thigh with 25mm Hook & Loop


  • J, Y, A & OSA


  • Ghost 3.1 (3C23193)
  • Additional information


    Left Handed, Right Handed


    Oversize Adult, Adult, Youths, Junior

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