2024 Kookaburra Beast 5.1 Cricket Pads

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Protect your shins on the cricket pitch with the most resistant and comfortable equipment in the form of the Kookaburra Beast 5.1 cricket pads. Strikingly-styled and sporting Grade 4 quality, its impact-resistant features both internal and external offers the batter full protection. Kookaburra has splashed these cricket pads with a menacing blood-red design that matches the rest of the show stopping Beast cricket equipment range, giving cricketers the confidence and drive to perform exceptionally on the field.

Kookaburra Sport is renowned the world over for its leading protective features, which are in full force on the 2023 Beast 5.1 cricket pads. Using a traditional 7-cane width, Kookaburra couples it with a high-density cane & foam construction and HDF side wing that together will absorb even the most deadly of fastballs. All of this adds up to a cricket pad that protects a full 180 degrees of a batter’s shins and knees.

Cricket equipment is notorious for its distracting discomfort, however, Kookaburra has worked to rid their cricket pads of that. With over 40 years of mastering the craft, the Beast 5.1 cricket pads refute the notion that protective equipment can’t be comfortable too. Featuring a three-piece knee roll that flexes to your movements while retaining shape, Kookaburra has also developed a premium vertical bolster system that increases comfort, as well as ergonomically-shaped calf straps to make tightening faster. Whether you are upgrading your overworn pads or your family is measuring up for your first junior cricket pads, the Beast 5.1 pads are the ultimate addition to your setup.


  • Grade 5 quality

Impact Protection – External

  • Lightweight Cane & Foam rods
  • Three Piece Knee Roll with ergonomic Bolsters provides enhanced shape retention

Impact Protection – Internal

  • Duo Flex Knee Roll – Cotton faced
  • Tri-Flex Integral Shin Bolster – Cotton faced

Additional Features

  • Durable ‘Tough Scuff’ Instep


  • ‘Grain’ PVC


  • 50mm Calf & 25mm Thigh & Ankle with 25mm Hook & Loop


  • XSJ, SJ, J, Y & A


  • Beast 5.1 (3C23355)
  • Additional information


    Left Handed, Right Handed


    Adult, Youths, Junior, Small Junior, XS Junior

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