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Give yourself the best protection and comfort in your abdominal area with the all-new Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guard. Designed for cricket players in every level of the game, this abdominal guard is constructed from the ground up to provide impenetrable shielding from even the fastest of fastballs, while also being lightweight to not hinder and be as comfortable as possible for the batter. 3D Sports is the UK’s leading supplier of cricket equipment, and we proudly recommend the Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guard as one of the best out there.

Kookaburra Sport is the leading cricket equipment manufacturer in Australia, where cricket is the national sport. As a consequence, this brand is highly revered in their home country and across the world, endorsed by legends such as Jos Buttler, Ricky Ponting and so much more. Its Pro abdo guard for cricket is just another hit out of the park for the brand, with its thoughtful padded edges that hold everything in place, which is vital in the throes of the game. The last thing you want to be thinking about is discomfort in that region, and with Kookaburra’s abdominal guard for cricket, you won’t ever have to.

3D Sports has become the UK’s finest for its strict quality control – if we don’t recommend it as a reliable, long-lasting and effective piece of equipment, we don’t sell it! While we are confident that you’ll find the right abdo guard for you with the Kookaburra Pro, however, we understand if you still have questions. Whatever your cricketing needs – we have you covered here at 3D Sports. If you have any questions or queries, please email us or call 0845 676 0099 and one of our friendly experts will be happy to help you.



  • Grade 1

Impact Protection

  • Micro weight

Additional Features

  • Comfort fit Design
  • Padded edges for additional comfort


  • PRO ABDO GUARD (3I22101) – J, Y & A
  • Additional information


    Adult, Youths, Junior

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