Kookaburra Retro Cricket Bats

Kookaburra are reviving some of their classic designs for a brand new line of retro cricket bats that journey down memory lane.

Welcoming back the Kookaburra Ridgeback , Ricky Ponting’s infamous graphite-back Kookaburra Kahuna and the returning Kookaburra Bubble Cricket Bats, all in their classic original designs and used by England legends Alec Stewart, Graeme Thorpe and Jack Russell.

The return of retro Kookaburra bats has been welcomed by cricket fans of all ages. For older fans, it is a chance to relive the greatest hits of their cricketing childhoods. For younger fans, it is a chance to experience the iconic designs that they have only heard about from their parents and grandparents. There’s truly something invigorating for everyone.

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