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Stancebeam Striker Cricket Bat Sensor

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The StanceBeam Striker is designed to fit on top of any cricket bat and becomes the brain of your Smart bat.

The 3D sensor then connects to the StanceBeam APP (downloadable across iOS and Android).

Smart motion sensors built into the device provide a validated set of data which provides the 3D swing analysis, Bat Speed generated, Power index and shot efficiency.

The Sensor also includes a bat mount for seamless integration onto any cricket bat – a charging cradle designed to keep you powered on the go – and also a locking key to make sure that the Striker remains inside the bat sleeve. The Striker includes a fully rechargeable battery which gives 6 hours battery life and features both inbuilt and cloud storage to allow you to either view information live on your device or post an innings or training session.

Box Contents
Locking Key – The locking key let’s you lock the sensor in place, and remove it for charging.
Sensor – The StanceBeam Striker is a unique motion sensor that captures all the information on your game – and connects with the StanceBeam App.
Bat Mount – The bat mount slides over the handle of your cricket bat and holds the sensor in place – this allows any cricket bat to work as a smart bat.
Charging Cradle – Simple, Lightweight and Portable.


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