2023 Kookaburra Rapid 2.1 Cricket Bat

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Put your best foot forward this season with the 2023 Kookaburra Rapid 2.1 cricket bat. Refreshed with an enhanced contemporary design that catches the eye with its blend of blue and green detailing, it will grab even more attention on the field for how it delivers reliably elite performances for quick-swinging batters.

Made from premium-cut grade 2 English willow, this Kookaburra cricket bat is particularly effective for those who prefer a lightweight pick-up, as well as developing junior crickets and female batters. Its slightly-concaved bowed blade improves balance and control ten-fold, while the elongated sweet spot created by the wizards at Kookaburra vastly increases the chance of an inch-perfect hit that sends the ball over fielders’ heads. Truly, this is one of the most effective choices for lightweight quick-swinging cricket bats out there.

At 3D Sports, all orders on Kookaburra cricket bats entitle you to our free UK delivery service, meaning you won’t have to worry about surprise shipping costs at the checkout. The Kookaburra Rapid 2.1 comes pre-prepared by hand to reduce the amount of knocking-in time undertaken to get the bat to full shape. With only six hours needed to get the bat to match-ready performance and durability, you can get to practising and stepping out onto the pitch much sooner.

3D Sports is the finest Kookaburra cricket bat seller in the UK, but we also stock a vast range of Kookaburra and Readers cricket equipment. If you have any questions about the availability of our cricket bats or other products for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us via our phone number at 0845 676 0099 or email at info@3d-sports.co.uk.

Endorsed by:

Natalie Sciver, Sophie Ecclestone and Hayley Matthews


  • Sweet Spot; approx. 215 to 235mm from toe
  • Edge Thickness; approx. 30mm to 33mm
  • Edge Profile; round
  • Face Profile; round
  • Toe Shape; standard
  • Spine Height; approx. 63mm to 65mm
  • Scallop; approx. 1mm to 2mm
  • Bow; approx. 10mm to 12mm
  • Handle; standard
  • Weight; 2lb 6oz to 2lb 8oz


Additional Features

  • ‘Chevron’ Grip
  • ‘Kookaburra Pre-Prepared’ (KPP)

Rapid 2.1 (2A23262)       

  • Premium Grade 2 Unbleached English Willow
  • Short Handle only
  • Additional information


    Short Handle


    2lb 8oz, 2lb 9oz, 2lb 10oz

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