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Rose Cricket Header

We are proud to introduce a quintessentially English new cricket brand, Rose Cricket. Exclusive to 3D Sports for 2016, Rose Cricket offer hand-crafted cricket bats at exceptional prices, combining traditional appeal, striking graphics and phenomenal performance. 

Rose Cricket Bats are available in Junior and Senior sizes, crafted from selected clefts of Grade I, II & III English Willow and Grade y1 and y2 in Junior models. 


The Classic I

Rose Cricket Classic   

 The Classic I is the Rose Cricket flagship, lovingly crafted from the ultimate Grade I clefts of willow: 

  • Designed with a Classic shape to match the name - a low-mid blade sweet spot, with no wood taken out of the back
  • Suited for cricketers playing on English pitches and the lovers of the front foot drive
  • Full profile with no concaving for maximum power
  • Hand selected Grade I English willow, chosen for weight & performance
  • Available in Short Handle Only



The Classic II

Rose Cricket Classic White


The Classic II had the same traditional shape as the Mk I, manufactured from hand picked clefts of Grade 2 English Willow:

  • Classy styling and graphics 
  • Traditional low-mid blade sweet spot and no concaving
  • Suited to front foot players
  • Exceptional quality for less than £200
  • Available in Short Handle only



The Thorn I

Rose Cricket Thorn I



The Thorn I has a modern shape, with a mid-blade sweet spot, high spine and gentle concaving to allow a massive sweet spot and light weight pick-up at no expense of power:

  • Hand crafted from clefts of Grade 1 English Willow chosen for weight and performance
  • Mid-blade sweet spot with incredible balance for feather light pick-up
  • Contemporary graphics
  • Ideal for all round strokemakers, equally at ease off the front or back foot, or if playing on harder, bouncy pitches
  • Available in Short Handle and Junior Sizes SM, Harrow and Size 6 (see below)



The Thorn III

The Thorn III Cricket Bats

The Thorn III is an amazing quality budget model, hand-made from Grade 3 English Willow at an unbelievable low price:

  • Unbleached Grade 3 English Willow provides a great balance between performance and longevity
  • Mid-blade sweet spot with light pick-up
  • Striking Blue contemporary graphics
  • Suitable for all round strokemakers, equally at ease playing flowing drives and powerful cut shots 
  • Available in Short Handle and Junior Sizes SM, Harrow and Size 6