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Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guard

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2021 Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guards

Impact Protection

  • Ultra Lightweight moulded ABS Shell with shock adsorbent rubberised edge
  • Ergonomic shape

Size: Junior, Youths and Adult

  • Technical Information

    Protection in cricket is just as important as the batting kit itself. Whether you are a youth player or a professional, all must ensure that their kits are stocked with pads, a helmet and an abdominal guard for cricket. All of which can be found at 3D Sports.2022 Kookaburra Pro Abdo Guards offer players the impact protection and comfort that is crucial to a safe cricket match. With their ultra-lightweight moulded ABS Shell with a shock-absorbent rubberised edge, a Kookaburra abdominal guard for cricket players will take the stress of a groin impact off of your mind and allow you to play the beloved game at your very best. An abdo guard, also commonly known as a box, is designed with 1 goal and that is to provide ample protection to the pelvic region. Mostly used by male cricket players, the ergonomic shape and durable material offers you Grade 1 impact protection as well as excellent comfort while batting or bowling.

    With junior, youth and adult sizes available, the Kookaburra abdominal guard cricket protection range is highly-rated and essential for every game. No matter your standard or age, an abdo guard or “box” is essential for impact protection and is key to avoiding any nasty incidents. The abdo guard is a very personal yet important piece of cricket equipment and it is recommended that players wear a male abdo guard in training and matches.

    With the abdominal guard cricket range, players of all skills can feel protected and safe while playing. With the nature of the guard, players often don’t share or swap so make sure you don’t leave home without yours. Complete your cricket kit with 3D Sports today.

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