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Cricket Protection Guide

When selecting a new piece of cricket equipment, like cricket bat, pads, gloves or shoes there are a number of symbols and ratings to look out for regarding protection. Have a look at these handy tables for an explanation of what these symbols and ratings mean.

Look Out For These Symbols

Armour Tec
  • Unique 'Mega-Flex' Design
  • Space Age comfort & Protection
  • Unique ventilation system
Armour Tec
Soft Fill
  • Increased comfort
  • Increased shock absorbtion
  • Increased moisture control
Soft Fill
  • Unique 'Memory Foam'
  • Virtually total dissipation of shock
  • Consistent depth of protection
  • Increased security against 'finger impacts'

Protection Ratings

Level 5 Currently used in First Class Cricket Level 5 cricket Protection Logo
Level 4 Currently used at Good Standard Club Level Level 4 cricket Protection Logo
Level 3 Used in Intermediate Level Level 3 Protection Logo
Level 2 Used at low club level Level 2 Protection Logo
Level 1 Used at junior level  


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