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Crazy Catch Upstart

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Crazy Catch Upstart

SSP: £135.00

3D Price: £94.95

Sale Price: £84.95


IN STOCK NOW! The Crazy Catch Upstart is a rebound catching net designed to improve reactions and catching ability. The net has two sides, 'sane' and 'insane'. The sane side returns the ball straight back to you as you'd expect, but the insane side returns it randomly - left, right, high or low to help develop and improve your catching skills. Juniors, this is ideal to use at home in the back garden!

  • Upstart Size - 0.74m x 0.74m
  • Has 2 sides - sane and insane
  • Ball returns eractically testing your reactive abilities, similar to slip practice
  • Ideal for practicing in groups or on your own
  • Pack includes a Vision ball, timer, activity pack, throwing targets and carry bag for loads of fun and variety training options
  • Loads of fun for all sports, schools, clubs and homes
  • Endorsed by the South African cricket team
  • Also available as a Double Trouble model - two insane sides with larger square netting on one, making it ideal for Football, Rugby, Basketball and other larger ball sports. 
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