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Crazy Catch Upstart - Double Trouble

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Crazy Catch Upstart - Double Trouble

SSP: £135.00

3D Price: £94.95

Sale Price: £89.95


IN STOCK NOW! The Crazy Catch Upstart 'Double Trouble' is designed to improve reactions and catching ability. The net has two sides, one for smaller balls like cricket/tennis balls and one for larger balls such as Football, Rugby and Netballs. The 'insane' netting system returns the ball to you randomly randomly - left, right, high or low to help develop and improve your catching skills. Great fun for both Seniors and Juniors, this is a great model for use at home, at a cricket club or at a school.

  • Upstart Size - 0.74m x 0.74m
  • Has 2 sides - large ball and small ball (both react randomly)
  • Ball returns eractically testing your reactive abilities, similar to slip practice
  • Ideal for practicing in groups or on your own
  • Pack includes a Vision ball, timer, activity pack, throwing targets and carry bag for loads of fun and variety training options
  • Loads of fun for all sports, schools, clubs and homes
  • Endorsed by the South African cricket team
  • Also available as a Classic model - two small ball sides, one with 'insane' reaction and one with 'standard' return

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