Many people who do not play cricket perceive it to be a very genteel, leisurely game. In some respects this is quite accurate; however, there is a side to cricket that you only really get to know once you have become involved in the game for a while. Indeed, this outwardly genteel game can in fact be highly competitive and at times, even somewhat dangerous.

Therefore, if you are to become good at cricket and play to a decent level game, you need to be able to perform to the best of your ability and remain suitably protected whilst doing so. The best way to achieve this is by having high-quality cricket gearat hand which will keep you safe and help you to deliver your best performance.

If you have ever been hit by a cricket ball then you will know that it really can do some damage. This is of course particularly true when a fast bowler is launching deliveries at you with genuine venom (some of the top fast bowlers can deliver the ball at speeds greater than 100pmh). Whilst you may be unlikely to face someone quite that quick in a local league, you will still be at risk of feeling some serious pain if you get hit with the ball in an area of your body that is not suitably protected.

To this end, it is essential that you wear protective measures that are pertinent to your role in the game. When batting, you will need a good set of pads to protect your legs, a thigh pad (and perhaps an inner thigh pad) and a box – truly, you would be very unwise to put yourself in harm’s way without ensuring your ‘vitals’ aren’t effectively protected.

You will also need a sturdy pair of cricket batting gloves as five-and-a-half ounces of leather and cork will smash your fingers to bits if it lands on them directly with serious pace. Helmets too are essential (indeed they are mandatory for batsmen under the age of 18) as head injuries created by cricket ball impacts have the potential to be very serious indeed.

As well as providing you with comprehensive protection, high-quality equipment can help you to make the most of your abilities and increase your performance levels whenever you play. For example, modern lightweight cricket pads are far easier to run in than those that were available a decade ago, so you can enjoy greater confidence when you are considering whether or not it is worth trying to squeeze in one more run. Of course, your bat is your first line of defence and your only means of attack so it is vital that you choose one that is nicely balanced as this will enable you to swing cleanly through the line of the ball.

Without doubt, the right high-quality gear will help you to enjoy unrivalled safety and improved performance.