When you’re trying to perfect your skills at the crease, you’ll have to bear a few different issues in mind. Firstly, it’s really important that you have access to the right cricket equipment. Even the best players in the world would struggle if they didn’t have suitable bats, gloves, guards and other supplies to help them.

Then there is your technique to work on. Developing good batting habits can take many years and it’s important to take on board the expert advice and guidance available. Meanwhile, another aspect of the game is your frame of mind.


For example, it’s important to have the right temperament. Offering tips to budding cricketers, a PitchVision Academy article said: “In our early days as cricketers our flamboyant side will have the better of us. It’s no surprise because fast paced games have encouraged youngsters to be glitzy.”

However, it added that if you want to become a serious player, it’s important that you focus on the task at hand. It stated: “In cricket matches, especially big ones, it’s normal to feel adrenaline soaring. Even international players feel that way. If you hit a boundary, you feel you are on fire. Yet how many batsmen lose their wickets after hitting few boundaries? The emotions, thrill and excitement have got the better of them.”

To avoid this outcome, the free source of cricket advice recommended planning your innings as you go along. It noted the importance of playing to the situation, not to how you feel.

It concluded this point by remarking: “Good cricket players don’t come in to bat with a hot head. As you must have noticed, nothing seems to bother them. They are immune to rants, sledging, crowd and all the excitement. They just want to bat.”


The article also drew attention to the importance of practice. PitchVision Academy coach Dr Ganesh Dutt Chugh said that solo training can help with boosting concentration. Tests run by the expert suggest that simple drills can prove beneficial. For example, tapping the ball on your bat for ten minutes twice a day may aid your overall skills. At first, the ball can be tapped anywhere on the bat, but after a week the target area should be restricted to the middle. Then, in the third week, the target area should be reduced to the bat’s sweet spot.

Looking like a batsman

The article went on to state the importance of looking, thinking and acting like a batsman. This can boost your confidence levels, it claimed.

Developing a batting routine and sticking to this is important. Providing an example, it noted that England’s Jonathan Trott makes a mark with his bat and then marks the same spot with his food. He then looks over his left shoulder before getting into position to face the bowler.

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