We are currently in the midst of a superb cricket season and there’s no better way to embrace the sport and sun than by heading out to play this wonderful game.

At 3D Sports, we can provide an array of cricket supplies for beginners which will ensure you’re fully equipped to play at your best. We can also provide a variety of hints and tips to help you select the right equipment, and you can trust in our expert advice due to our many years of experience.

Coaching Cricket Balls
Leather cricket balls are designed for competitive cricket matches, which is why we strongly recommend you invest in some coaching cricket balls when starting out. These balls will enhance your swing and are safer to use when just starting out; therefore, they are ideal for group coaching and junior play. We have an array of coaching balls on offer, including swinger, bouncer and wind balls, and all our prices are incredibly competitive with our industry rivals.

The Perfect Cricket Bat
Finding the right cricket bat is probably at the top of your list, as this will determine your swing and your comfort level when batting. We recommend you opt for a bat that is the right size for your height as bats come in many different sizes. For this reason, we can provide both junior and senior bats for children and adults.

You should purchase a cricket bat from a reputable manufacturer that is renowned for selling the finest supplies on the market; therefore, we encourage you to browse our Kookaburra, Gray Nicholls, Puma and Gunn & Moore bats, plus so much more.

Cricket Protection
Protection is essential when playing cricket, so it is important you invest in high quality cricket accessories to avoid a sporting injury. Here at 3D Sports you will find protective cricket pads, vests and abdominal, arm, chest and thigh guards. Therefore, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re well protected and can simply focus on the match.

Head to our Cricket Protection Guide to find out more about the level of protection a product can offer, as the equipment will come with a protection rating. For example, a level 1 rating means a product is designed to be used at junior level while a level 5 rating is for products used at a first class cricket match.

For further information on our cricket supplies and more, please contact us today to speak to a helpful member of staff.