Launch of the new Kookaburra 2016 Range!

We are delighted to launch the new 2016 Kookaburra Cricket range at 3D Sports! The flagship ‘Kookaburra Kahuna’ continues for 2016 with an update to the bat graphics, cricket pads and gloves, along with the ‘Kookaburra Verve’ as used by Jos Buttler.

2016 sees the addition of some cracking looking new bats and matching protection. The new ‘Kookaburra Onyx' range has striking charcoal & orange graphics. The Onyx bat features massive profile and mid-blade sweet spot, with gentle grooves along that back to enhance pick-up. The Onyx also has a lighter weight range at around 2lb 8oz – 2lb 10½oz and will be endorsed by Aussie whacker Glenn Maxwell.

The other new bats for 2016 are the Red & Blue ‘Kookaburra Ignite’, designed with a full back profile, no concaving and slightly skinnier edges to allow for a massive sweet spot. With a low-mid blade sweet spot and weights of 2lb 7oz – 2lb 9oz, this is going to pick-up like a feather and will make an ideal bat for Junior players transitioning to Senior Cricket Bats.

2016 also sees the introduction of more ‘traditional’ bats – the all black ‘Kookaburra Blade’ and all white ‘Kookaburra Ghost’. The Blade has a lower sweet spot with an ‘old-skool’ rounded back profile – a real throwback to years gone by.  The Ghost is more of a ‘modern-day classic’ with mid-blade sweet spot, gentle concaving and massive edges. 

All the new Kookaburra cricket bat ranges feature matching pads and gloves in various traditional sausage finger/square HDF styles, with the ‘Kookaburra Blade’ pads and gloves a simple white & black design to match both Blade and Ghost cricket bats.

Alongside the new cricket bat ranges, Kookaburra have introduced brand new wicket keeping equipment, new Footwear and a mountain of new Cricket Bags including 3 new Duffle Bag models for 2016!

All products are available for Pre-Order here at 3D Sports!