If you are looking for cricket gear that comes with a whole host of knowledge about the game, then 3D Sports is the place to come. We have a huge range of cheap cricket bats that are nevertheless beautifully designed with strength and agility in mind. Our bats include those designs from top manufacturers such as Adidas, Puma, Kookaburra and Gray Nicolls. As every batsman will know, the bat itself is a personal object that you should be familiar with. Its weight and action are important and should ultimately suit your style of play. The Adidas Incurza Elite cricket bat has contoured shoulders, a lightweight pick-up along with a super concave profile which suits the all round strokemaker. We have weights ranging from 2lb 7oz to 2lb 10oz, which should be selected for comfort. It is a great bat for those who are intent on growing as a batsman and who can use the bat with confidence. At the top of our range is the Kookaburra Recoil Players Bat which is a limited edition bat but comes in greater weights than the Adidas, reaching the heavier 2lb 12oz range. It is a truly premium bat that truly shows that you mean business as a batsman. It is also a limited edition which can make it a collectors item over the years, but as a playing bat it is adapted to those aggressive strokemakers who are going for the boundary every time.

We also have a range of beginners bats that are nevertheless great to practice and learn with. Starting at just £14.95 we have the Readers Samurai bat which is made from covered Kashmir Willow and will help you to develop technique in no time. These are also great for teams and clubs who are wanting to buy in bulk, but not pay often hefty prices that are seen elsewhere. Our junior bats are great for those who are learning and come in sizes Harrow, Size 5 and Size 6 for those kids and young adults who are learning the game as they grow. The Kookaburra Recoil 450 Junior is a great investment that is top quality for those batsmen of the future.

If you are looking for something more personalised from your bat, then you might consider our special Gray Nicolls Captain’s Choice Experience. Both Andrew Strauss and Alastair Cook make use of Gray Nicolls bats and in association with them we can invite you to their Robertsbridge factory to have a bat constructed to suit your style and game. This is a great opportunity for any cricket fan since you may actually get to meet Strauss or Cook to discuss your next blade and its design. There are select dates on which this is available so you will have to call ahead in order to be sure. Our sales office can direct any of your calls and offer you dates, times and advice. For a shade under £800 this is a great opportunity that may never come around again!