People can develop at passion for cricket at almost any age, but if they get into the sport from a young age, they stand the best chance of fulfilling their potential. If you want to spark an interest in the sport in your kids, it’s really a case of the sooner the better.

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Nurturing youth

One organisation that is determined to develop young talent on the pitch is Guildford Cricket Club. According to a report on Get Surrey, helping youngsters to move up to senior level standard is top of the agenda for the club’s junior section chairman Andy Green.

The news source suggested that the club has long prided itself on providing a stepping stone for children to progress through the tiers.


Indoor training for youngsters started in January at RGS Guildford’s sports hall, when a coaching programme created by the club’s Matt Teale was rolled out. This was supported by the England and Wales Cricket Board level one and two coaches and it meant that when the weather improved, the young players were quickly able to move into outdoor mode.

Commenting on the programme, Mr Green said: “Our aim is to provide a great environment for youngsters, where they can enjoy playing the game. It’s also important to be competitive and ensure that the investment we provide in coaching juniors is benefiting the senior teams at a later stage.”

Previous successes

Get Surrey noted that last year, 30 juniors were selected for the senior teams at various stages of the summer. Mr Green hopes that the club will eventually be able to produce 75 per cent of home-grown players.

The news source added: “Having produced the likes of the Bicknell brothers, Ashley Giles, Rikki Clarke and Jade Dernbach for Surrey and England, Guildford has a remarkable track record.”

Junior cricket bats

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